A Note to Self


Put into words what will always resonate with you and become your guiding principles every single day as you jump off of the cliff called The Unknown with a few dollars and faith.  Then live by these words.  Everyday.

My Rules for Me

  1. Self-Care is essential. Take care of yourself spiritually, and everything else will fall into place.
  2. Be true to who you are. For example: You are a giver. Don’t stop giving; just exercise aptitude when determining who to give to. Some people are pure trash. #FACTS
  3. Compete with yesterday’s self EVERYDAY and feel comfortable sleeping ONLY when you’ve outdone yesterday’s self. Like Karen Civil advised you, “Pace yourself. It’s your race and you’re not in competition with anyone”.
  4. Build a team that is smarter than you, but believes in you and your leadership. Don’t forget their hard work. Compensate them before you compensate yourself.
  5. Remain humble. You have always been awesome because you’re cool as a fan, as confident as your Mom, but as giving as your grandmother. Be a beautiful humble woman who is here to serve God and serve face. You can do both. Don’t hesitate.
  6. Love is the key. Recognize real love from your friends and family and nurture it. You have been hurt by fake love. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it when it presents itself. Instead, look it in the face, call it out, and smile. Watch it slither away. Works every time.
  7. Work your ass off for yourself as much as you worked your ass off for the previous employers. No one knows your value more than you. It’s time to shine and finally be appreciated for it. Also, refer to number 2. We don’t need these under-eye bags. Not cute. Not the Amyang way honey.
  8. Never forget your legacy. Ever. Let the spirit of your ancestors guide you. You are here because of so many who made so many sacrifices. One day, with God’s grace, you will be apart of your children’s legacy too. Make your grandchildren as proud of you as you are of your grandparents.
  9. Sometimes, you want to glare. Sometimes, you want to snicker with a raised eyebrow at some of these (expletive) people who are bad-hearted and tasked with the goal to block your success. Sometimes you want to be PETTY. Stay affable and kill them with that killer smile backed by truth and success. Let that be enough.
  10. You are an unapologetic woman. Be careful not to be unapologetically wrong. It will happen, so keep it to a minimum and never hesitate to apologize when you are wrong. You are fallible at times, but you are still wonderful.


Congratulations. I am proud of you. Keep making me proud of you every time that we meet in the mirror, every time we catch a glimpse of each other in reflections, every time we have moments alone together when we meditate and concentrate. Every time that someone from your tribe looks at you. Let their energy be positive, fruitful and a reflection of who you are.




If you are reading this…still… you are a trooper.  Thank you!  I encourage you to write a note to yourself and reflect.  Become more aware of yourself for yourself.  My moment was intense AF.  Have you had a moment like this?  Let’s connect.  Feel free to share here.


Published by I Am Gayima.

Author, Flourish or Die (AMAZON.COM) Instagram: @flourishbook Co-Founder of Amyang Fashun™ , A Lifestyle Brand Instagram: @amyang_fashun Executive Director of I Am Gayima. A Marketing Hub. Instagram: @marketinghub_iamgayima Co-Founder of Passport2Zuri, An African Travel Brand Instagram: @passport2zuri

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