Yim. Yims. Yim Yim. Red. Yep

Over the past few years, I have become drawn to the color red.  I was not a fan of it growing up, and I could not imagine putting the color red on my thick lips.  The thought of it on my lips made me cringe.  Nowadays, I don’t feel comfortable without a red lip.

Recently, I was in conversation with my mom.

Miss GK: What is the color red in Temne (her native language).

Mom: Yim.

Miss GK: Yes?  You didn’t here me?

Mom: The color is pronounced Yim.

Miss GK: Izzzzzz daaaat right!  I thought you were repeating my name! (My nickname is Yima… I’m not crazy). Nice!

Mom: Whatevah.  Not everything is about you.

Clearly, I don’t agree with her last statement, even if it’s true.  But isn’t that cool?  It makes me smile, because for the past year, most of the shoots that I’ve done for myself have involved red.  If you are not into red, get into it.  It’s bold, beautiful, and it compliments many skin tones and shades.  This cannot be said for many colors.  Find a lovely shade for your lips too.  You may need more than one and that’s okay.


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xo~Yim Yim aka Miss GK


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