The Head Wrap: It’s Here to SLAY

Whoa!  Is She Wearing a Head Wrap? 

Celebrities tend to make people stop and look, so I say kudos to Alicia Keys for embracing the Head Wrap.  The Head Wrap, with Sub-Sahara African origins is back on everyone’s radar, a fashion phenomenon in today’s society, especially here in the United States and has a hold of global fashion.  Recently, Grammy Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Alicia Keys has served us with head wrap flair and a beautiful bare face on the red carpet as she promotes her new project and talks about her new life perspectives.  This new perspective paired with the Head Wrap is quite refreshing. There is a lot of history behind the use of the head wrap in America, which I encourage you to take a moment to read about. Given the history, it’s amazing how the Head Wrap is being embraced in every day style among women in 2016 and I want to take a moment to enjoy this moment curated by #blackgirlmagic.

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 3.14.43 PM
Alicia Keys giving us head wrap SLAY.

My Personal History with the Head Wrap

These days, as a fashion designer and stylist, I rely on my daily experiences and environment when creating for our collections or working on a styling project.  In real life, my staple items are a bold head wrap and big sunglasses … which is much different from my childhood use of a head wrap -the fresh cornrows protector.  Nowadays, my motivation for rocking the head wrap comes from my inner need to celebrate my culture, everyday.  I am extremely proud to be Sierra Leonean.  A few years ago, I was in Ohio and can remember heading to meet friends at happy hour with a head wrap on.  My Mom casually shaded my life into oblivion.

Growing up, the only women in the street that wear head wraps are at the marketplace.  Are you going to sell tomatoes?- My Mom, Shade Specialist

I just looked at her.  She giggled to herself and went back to watching television.  Luckily, her shade over the years (all of my years on this earth) has helped me to ignore naysayers and just do me.  The irony is that the only reason that I can wrap a head wrap to the high heavens in minutes is because of her.  Before every traditional occasion, it was my job to help her wrap her head.  My Mom used to annoy me with it, but look at me now! (DAB)

The Queen’s Wrap

The Queen’s Wrap is the premier head wrap for your fashion palette.  I created it because I wanted to create a head wrap option that is beautiful with bold colors but versatile in patterns.  I don’t like having to spend extra time hiding the underside of the fabric.  Why is it premier? It’s two head wraps in one.  It’s reversible!

This is me when I don't feel like 
brushing my hair, or if I'm feeling Regal AF.  Facts.

I gave myself a pat on the back after I made the first few, but what made me realize that this was a great product is how this has impacted members of our client base.  The clients LOVE this wrap.  I mean, the way that they love it has makes me emotional.  One of our missions with the brand is to bridge the cultural gap between African Women and African-American Women.  It needs to happen, and I am not going to wait on everyone to be properly influenced by our First Lady Michelle Obama or Queen Mother Oprah Winfrey or President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  I follow them, I listen to them and I allow myself to be positively influenced by them.  The Queen’s Wrap is one way in which I am doing my part.  I want my African-American clients to posses the same level of skill and confidence in tying their head wraps as my African sistahcousins.  I want when they walk out of an establishment for doors to be held open for them, just as I experience when I am wearing my wraps.  I want them to radiate from their inner beauty shining through.  I want them to feel beautiful and stylish, especially when they rock The Queen’s Wrap.


“I invite all boldness, fearless acts and I throw away all mental limitations because I wear the crown to be free and to Queen shamelessly.”- Sherrell W., Owner|Personal Trainer,

PSA: Hi!  If you’re not an African or
African-American Women, don’t leave. I am sure you have at least two friends or family members that are African or African-American. The Queen’s Wrapas a gift is a winner, every time!  Knowing their favorite color(s) helps when ordering.  We also make them for little girls upon special request.

But… how SWAY?  How do I wrap?

Surprisingly, while a lot of women love them, they are intimidated to purchase head wraps.  I’ve been told that the act of wrapping is scary.  While I understand that position, I ask you to consider this.  Consider that the act of wrapping is a personal experience.  There are some great tutorials out there.  If you are a student of head wrap fashion, I say watch a few tutorials, but know that once you find a look that is yours, you are going to own it and love it.  Conquer your fear of the wrap with the following steps:

  1. Purchase a wrap.
  2. Grab a glass of wine and take one big gulp.
  3. Sit in front of the mirror and just play with the wrap.
  4. Allow your inner Queen to take over.

In this journey, I believe that you will find a look that properly frames your face, not just what looks good in a tutorial.   Embrace your inner Queen with a head wrap.  For weekly head wrap inspiration, hashtag #wrapwednesdays on Instagram!  You’ll find a beautiful array of women giving the world head wrap SLAY.

 The Queen’s Wrap featured in the Bohyme Birth Remi 2016 ad campaign.

Share if you love head wraps or if you love seeing the ladies in your life in head wraps!  The Queen’s Wrap by Amyang Fashun.  Order yours today and get your life!


~xo Miss GK~


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