Sandra Bland Could Have Been Me

Today is Two Years Later

1.9 Million Dollars.  This proves that her death was wrong, yet she is still gone.  The world wants answers, but we may never know the details of the actions that led to her last moments.

Her life was fatally interrupted by police mistreatment.

Sandra Bland could have been me.

Why?  Sandra took selfies.  Who doesn’t take selfies? Sandra was college educated and fiercely proud to be a young black woman… as am I.  Sandra had a beautiful smile and glowing brown skin… as do I.  Sandra didn’t mind making long driving trips alone.  I love long driving trips alone!  Although she preferred a cigarette, I have an affinity for cigars.  The similarities are there, and could continue to grow.  Sandra was outspoken and unafraid to express herself intelligently.  Like many of you, I find myself wondering WTF is really going on?

Sandra Bland could have been me… or you.  Remember Sandra Bland.


Published by I Am Gayima.

Author, Flourish or Die (AMAZON.COM) Instagram: @flourishbook Co-Founder of Amyang Fashun™ , A Lifestyle Brand Instagram: @amyang_fashun Executive Director of I Am Gayima. A Marketing Hub. Instagram: @marketinghub_iamgayima Co-Founder of Passport2Zuri, An African Travel Brand Instagram: @passport2zuri

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