My Tribe is Creative AF: Koku Gonza


As an Indie Artist, it takes a lot of planning and execution to release a body of work, no matter how big or how small the project may appear to be.  Despite the challenges, Koku Gonza forges ahead as an International Songstress & Natural Hair Spokesperson.  Her artistry has taken her around the USA as well as Europe and she looks forward to her upcoming visit to the continent of Africa, especially to Tanzania, where her late father is from.  

As I sit with Koku Gonza, I can’t help but feel thrilled.  Once of my best friends is releasing her new song and video tonight and it is DOPE!  It was the first video styling project for Amyang Fashun, and everyone in it looks DOPE.  It’s been a crazy summer filled with events, gigs, and travel, so we took a moment to catch our breaths and do some last minute updates at one of the coolest spaces in the world, the new Samsung building.  Samsung has managed to curate Cool in such a way that you question Apple.  Seriously, you question it.   The building is located in the Meatpacking District in NYC and it’s LIT! The employees are welcoming, the layout is magical, filled with cool gadgets and comfy furniture.  We just listened to DJ David Kiss spinning Fela and other Afrobeat tracks while eating Vegan Donuts and Coffee.  If you have not visited yet, change your life.  Even if you are #teamapple.  And yes… I own several Samsung devices.  Because I like DOPENESS at my fingertips.

Anyhoo, Koku Gonza’s latest project is a Soul |House| Dance Track called Conveniently Rolling.  The track was produced by Anthony Nicholson and the video is a Camovement Production.  It’s fun and a must for your playlist, and I am not just saying that because I was apart of it.  Here is a little of Koku Gonza’s take on it…

Miss GK: What was the most entertaining moment while working on this project?

KG: When the scheduled make-up artist didn’t show up to the shoot, yet I saw her Instagram posts happening at the same time where she chose to spend quality time with her man and Jesus. (laughs with shade) My squad is amazing though.  We were blessed enough to know Landis from Landis Cosmetics.  He showed up within an hour and beat our faces to the GAWDS!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass Landis Yaaaaaaaaaas!

Miss GK: You’re ridiculous!  Now… on a serious note…

KG: I am being serious.  Did I not show you the posts on Instagram that morning, or did YOU throw shade about it on Facebook when you thanked Landis Cosmetics?  It was the most entertaining moment.

Miss GK:  You’re still ridiculous, but you are also correct.  Now with everything going on, especially with police brutality, what message do you hope to convey with your latest single, Conveniently Rolling?

KG: I want people to dance.  (Sings) Conveniently Roll In AND Dance Ya’ll!  If you love house music, you’ll love this track.  If you love to dance, you’ll love this track.  If you have a workout playlist, this song needs to be added.  Self-care=Dance.

Miss GK: How important do you think it is for people to support indie artists like yourself?

KG: It’s as important as waking up and breathing fresh air.  You need fresh air to breath and live.  You need great art to inspire and motivate you.  Supporting Indie Artists like me allows the world to function without the void of soulful music.

And then Samsung interrupted with an announcement that free vegan donuts and coffee w/almond milk was being served. And we moved on.

Make sure you check out her new project.  Dancing is mandatory.

Click Here to Watch the Video

Photography by Demetrius Philip | Wardrobe & Styling: Amyang Fashun

~xo Miss GK~

Published by I Am Gayima.

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