Batter & Berries of Chicago, IL: A Slice of Heaven

If you have not experienced Chicago between June and September, figure out how to do so immediately.  Google can help with this.  Summer in Chicago is the best, especially brunch.

When you arrive in Chicago, your first full morning should include Batter & Berries.  I was told about this place several months before experiencing it for myself, and the story shared did the place no justice, so I will try to do better here.

I require that you order the famous French Toast Super Flight if you are ordering breakfast or brunch. Each slice fell from heaven.  Strawberry. Blueberry. Pecan. Banana.  I believe that the recipe was created to remind us mere mortals that if we behave, we could eat like this every day in heaven and it will not reflect at the waistline.  It is so darn good!  Do you see it?  Take note of the special toppings.  You will not need to add syrup or honey.  It is already perfect.

After eating my flight of french toast while sitting comfortably on a cloud as an angel (in my mind), the entrée arrived and I began to hum to myself with delight.  I enjoy fish, so when I saw that their special menu add-ons included a salmon option, I quickly selected it with eggs made my favorite way, over medium.  A side of cheesy potatoes accompanied it and I smiled while eating, even while chewing.  Look at this!  You can see how fresh and well seasoned my salmon is.  The cream that was garnished on top will make you forget about all of your worldly woes.  Again, heaven.


The staff is incredibly friendly and will patiently describe each item and tell you details about why you will love the option, because THEY LOVE IT TOO!  It’s a busy space because it is a town favorite, so you’re probably thinking that you have to wait awhile for the check to come, right?  Wrong!  I told you that this place is a slice of heaven!  20160718_135421

Batter & Berries embraces technology, allowing you to close the check out without delay. You don’t have to get up and they don’t have to go far to get you squared away.  I had a flight to catch afterwards, so appreciated this immensely.  The only question I had was, why aren’t ALL of the other restaurants in the world doing this?  WHY?


Anyway, I had to meet and compliment Don, the General Manager.  He is an excellent representative of the founders of this fine establishment, and is dedicated to ensuring that your “foodie” experience at Batter & Berries is an amazing one.

Thank you Don! See you soon Batter & Berries!

Location: 2748 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 (Directly below the pearly gates of Heaven)

~Miss GK~

Published by I Am Gayima.

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