Individuality CC: New York City

I spent four years in denial.

“I will never live in New York City.  Stop asking me to move there.  It is not for me. It’s for you.”

Well so much for that.  I currently live, eat, and breathe the mean streets of NYC all day.

Work by Design ~ Amyang Fashun Courtesy of Dior Davis Photography

Although it has taken some time to grow on me, I am starting to understand the magic that is New York City.  This is one of the only places in the world that allows me to be who I am without having to make the person next to me feel comfortable with who they are sitting next to.

African. American. Culture Curator. Hula Hoop Fanatic. Beauty. Cigar Lover. Woke AF.

New York City encourages my individuality.  It encourages me to be who I actually am without apology.  Someone in this overcrowded metropolis looks at me, sees me for who I am, and embraces me.  Every. Day. They embrace my fashion sense, my work purpose and my energy.  I can’t help but pay it forward.  I too embrace the individuality of others.  It’s a beautiful cycle of love.

They say that New York City is the loneliest city in the world.


You can have the most amazing conversation with a stranger in any bar in this city or while walking down the street.



New York City is for THE INDIVIDUAL.


From New York, With Love,

I AM… Gayima

Images Courtesy of Richard Nwaoko Photography + Retouching by Capture Classic Media





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