The Check In.

It’s May. Yay!

Or blah… Here’s to perspective.

Over the years, I have become really sensitive. It’s not the “Oh my gosh, now I care about people and puppies” sensitive feeling. It’s deeper than that. It’s the awareness of energy that a co-worker is soul-hurt from their childhood and cannot seem to find peace when they interact with a client that resembles their father. Deep. (Are you soul-hurt too?) It sounds like mumbo jumbo to some, but deep down, we are all connected, and you know it. Think back to a few days ago when you were at a local coffee shop, you actually looked up from your phone (shocker), and you ‘felt’ someone looking at you. When you looked up, he didn’t even dart his eyes away. See?! Energy felt.

Now that you get what I mean, let’s get into it. If you can feel someone else’s energy, you should be aware and in tune with your energy. What is going on with you? Are you good?

I’ll use myself as an example. I am constantly on the go. Travel. Business Meetings. New Clients. Family. Friends. Curiosity. Yes, these days, I allow curiosity to take space in my life. I wanna see things. I want to meet people. I want to experience something different. I want to learn. If I am constantly flying, and dining, and couch surfing, and interacting with strangers, that’s A LOT of energy that I am absorbing. Sometimes, it becomes overwhelming. At times it feels unhealthy. What do I do to take care of myself?

I check in.

Let’s look at my past 6 months. I experienced the following:

  • Working in a Start-Up Advertising Agency, 18-hour work days (seriously)
  • Studying business practices and brokering deals in Accra, Ghana
  • Trying to identify business opportunities in a ‘failed’ economy in Sierra Leone
  • Empowering new clients to believe in their brilliance and take action
  • Studying myself and how to rectify situations caused by my Ego

The check-in requires that I ask myself a few tough questions.

  • What has happened?
  • What has failed?
  • What has been successful?
  • What has been fulfilling?
  • What’s next?
The struggle is real sometimes.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that check-ins are a required part of my life. However, when I converse with friends that hold a ‘9-5’ job, the way they express their life makes me realize that they could use a check-in too. Often times, I listen to their rhythm of behavior. The days are familiar, yet they are not present.

  • The drop-off and pick-up of kids to sports activities
  • The convenient drive-thru of Starbucks where ‘the regular’ is ordered
  • The 20 minutes of mediocre sex with our partner that is comparable to the taste of dry wheat toast

They are in auto-pilot until the next tragedy jolts them awake… or they accidentally meet someone that stimulates their mind at their second cousin’s birthday party. Then I get the call.

Girl, we need to talk. My life f*cking sucks!

A friend

I’m here for the calls. However, that jolt can be avoided. Stop going through the motions. Stop waiting on assigned calendar dates/holidays to check on yourself.

How are you doing?

Get in tune with yourself. You are so valuable. You are so powerful. You are so worth it. Don’t take yourself for granted.

Check in with yourself. Make yourself a priority. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

I mean it ya’ll. Use this basic checklist. Your journal is calling you…

Check In With Yourself.

  • What has happened?
  • What has failed?
  • What has been successful?
  • What has been fulfilling?
  • What’s next?

Um… Let me know how your Check In goes.. There may be a reward from me…

Published by I Am Gayima.

Author, Flourish or Die (AMAZON.COM) Instagram: @flourishbook Co-Founder of Amyang Fashun™ , A Lifestyle Brand Instagram: @amyang_fashun Executive Director of I Am Gayima. A Marketing Hub. Instagram: @marketinghub_iamgayima Co-Founder of Passport2Zuri, An African Travel Brand Instagram: @passport2zuri

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