I Am Gayima Consulting is a team with a commitment to brokering fair-trade sustainable deals for African Artisans on the Continent of Africa, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Creating equal opportunities for African Artisans, both Men & Women in Africa and in the Diaspora to be commissioned to share African art and craftsmanship for a fair price.
  • Transparency & Accountability of fair-trade deals brokered between African Artisans and Emerging Brands committed to fair-trade and market empowerment.
  • Fair Trading Practices that include documentation & agreement of timelines relevant to the deal brokered, work conditions that do not violate global human rights, and development of sustainable business models
  • Fair Trading Pricing defined that benefits both the African Artisan as well as emerging brands that accounts for local economies for all parties involved.
  • Labor Conditions that encourage safe, sanitary conditions meet standards of the emerging brand and protect the African Artisan from bodily harm and do not exploit children.

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