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True professionals who has helped me focus on thinking big and not settling for less than I deserve just because I’m a small start up. The team is energetic and genuine in their intentions to see my business grow.

Mary, Independent Contractor, United States

I love the advice you dish and how relate-able you are.. I felt that when you were talking, I wanted to see you speaking, rather than just listen. You can be bigger than Oprah if you keep pushing forward.

Fred, Entrepreneur Fine Artist, Accra Ghana

She is multi-talented in so many different areas! A gem.

One word to best describe Gayima, AUTHENTIC. 

Tyne, Founder of Scat Cat Collective, United States


A graduate from the prestigious Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington, Gayima Kanu gained work experience as a member of Management within the Financial Services and IT Project Management. Responsibilities included banking center management, training, program management, technical writing, business process development, and systems reporting, but she yearned for more.

In 2009, a creative spark hit!  With encouragement from friends who witnessed her growth and experienced her natural ability to teach, she was encouraged to begin consulting independently.  By 2016, she was successfully supporting Indie Artists in the music industry as an A&R, as well as marketing the Lifestyle Brand, Amyang Fashun™. A champion of collaborations and partnerships, within the music and fashion industry led to the concept of an experiential consulting hub. 

Gayima Kanu, Amyang Fashun Co-Founder, shares the history of West African handwoven textiles with high school seniors in Brooklyn, New York.


Shares the history of West African handwoven textiles with high school seniors in Brooklyn, New York.

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As a travel enthusiast, partnerships and collaborations recently took her on an 8-month | 8-country journey through the Continent of Africa. With a renewed focus on Africa, the team is expanding, supporting clients in Africa and implementing initiatives that were once just a dream. In addition, she is the co-founder of the travel brand, Passport2Zuri.

Gayima Kanu serves on the Business Advisory Board for the Black Soccer Membership Association.

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