Don’t you hate when people say, “Stay Creative”?

Here is the thing. Thought-leaders across various industries have admitted that The Creatives are the leaders of tomorrow, regardless of the industry. No matter what industry you work in, if it’s not your passion, you are running out of time. Someone will catch on. You will get fired… or quit. Then what? If you are ready to take your passion and manifest your dreams to make it your daily work, it’s time that we talked.

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It’s time that you stepped into the world of “Stay Creative”.

I am a traveler, and support clients from satellite offices in North Brunswick, New Jersey, at Nataygo Creative Studio and Just RLX, LLC. in Columbus, Ohio. I also support clients in Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, New York and Accra, Ghana.  My Consulting Hub is a team of young creatives that specialize in Technology, Photography & Film, Global Travel, Fashion & Textile Production, Music as well as Brand Management. We support clients all over and host events in order to connect our clients and collaborate. We invite you to join our community of Creatives. The Hub formed after a few of us identified that the client base needed assistance with marketing solutions, branding services, business guidance and we knew that we could offer unique packages that satisfied their requests. As the Head of I Am Gayima | A Consulting Hub, I welcome you! 


We can assist you with elevation of your brand, business idea, or just connect you to others that are exploring their creative flow. We can offer services from coaching/mentoring, to brand packaging, photography, to small signs for your mobile pop-up shop or huge signs for your new brick & mortar location! We will help you to grow your business beyond the limit. 

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Pricing is determined by the package of services that you would like. Often times our clients come to us for business cards and leave with a package that consists of:
-A Market Study
-A Website w/ Online Social Media Strategy 
-Merchandise Starter Pack 
– Signage for Pop-Up Shops 
– Professional Images of Merchandise of Your Product

Purchasing each item a la carte is possible, but purchasing a package always saves you time and money.  We’re excited to also offer payment plans.  We understand the process of building a brand.  We are here to help bring your idea to fruition.

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Until We Meet… I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.

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After visiting 8 countries on The Continent of Africa, I’m inspired to have serious dialogue with people on the same vibe about the future and what role we must play, especially when it comes to reconnecting to Africa. The best way I know how to share my journey of Africa and beyond is storytelling. I’ve met some amazing people along my journey who also have their own amazing African journey to share. You’re listening to “I Am…Gayima”, voices of the African Diasporans… in Africa.

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