S.L.A.Y. (Style Like A Yes)

My motivations and inspirations behind what I create and what I wear.


from… My Summer Sixteen Jewel: Meet Chelsea 


Five reasons I fell for Chelsea:

  1. Her neutral tones pair well with my bold color palette.
  2. Her wide brim allows me to hide in my thoughts, unbothered by my surroundings.
  3. She sits with ease and comfort over my big hair!
  4. We met at a 50% off sale.
  5. She loves me too. It’s always better when the feelings are mutual, you know?

You can find your own Chelsea at The Limited.  Available at a store near you or online.

Style Guide (From Head to Toe)

Hat: The Limited

Dress: Sheath Denim by Amyang Fashun (Available Upon Request)

Handbag: Wicker Carry Case (Miss GK’s Personal Collection)

Jewelry: Hand Beaded Jewelry  (Miss GK’s Personal Collection from Sierra Leone, West Africa)

Shoes: Pour La Victoire Platform Sandal

~xo Miss GK~


The Adaeze Maxi Skirt. The African Maxi Skirt…Redefined

Loyal AF Client:  I am not buying this maxi from anyone else.

Me: Are you sure? (In my comedic African Aunty voice) Because they seem to love to do it, so give them your coin.

Loyal AF Client:  Put your spin on it please.  Just have it ready for me in 2 weeks.  My brother is graduating.  As always, I need pockets.  Thanks!

So… I sat down to sketch by myself, because my sister was working on something else and would not be bothered.  I thought about a process we call ‘Amyang-in’.  How can I remix this basic a** skirt into something I would wear?  Then it dawned on me.  I don’t like wearing them because they never have what I want.  So I simply added attributes that I wanted for myself.

  1.  Hi-Lo:  If your height puts you at a regal 5’6” or below, you may feel like a maxi skirt does nothing for your over look.  I would agree.  So I added the hi-lo element to give the illusion of added inches.
  2. Complimentary Fabrics: I wanted to create contrast and further highlight the hi-lo effect, so the lining is actually another ankara fabric, not just solid material.  When you walk on a windless balmy day down the street, you will appear to float.  It’s regal AF.
  3.  Signature Cinching Waist:  When you order one, you will see what I mean.  Exclusively Amyang.
  4. Pockets: Well, why not?  I absolutely love how excited my new clients are when they try on an item and are shocked to see that they have pockets.  I need them.  My assumption is that you do too.

We create with the global citizen in mind, a person who is well traveled and appreciates culture from all over, especially Africa.  At a client’s request, we customize the order (ie. no lining because of tropical heat), so just let us know what you want.  We’ve got you.  We carefully select fabrics that are bold and eye-catching, yet classic and appealing.  What do you think of the African Maxi craze?  Are you a fan of our take on it?  What would you like to see done with the Maxi?  Let me know in the comment section.

Remember to S.L.A.Y.

~Miss GK~

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