The Chord: Candid Conversations with Creatives

Black History Month Exclusive with Deniro Farrar
” I feel like this is necessary for the times we are in right now. Gentrification is everywhere — from the boroughs of NYC to the inner city streets of the Carolinas and beyond.
It’s time we realize what’s happening and start investing back into our communities so we can own buildings and businesses. Even though the government will keep raising property taxes we still have to keep up — I know we can we just got to do it.
Shout out to Moonlight but this right here is the real best film.” – Deniro Farrar

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Definition: a feeling or emotion | the line segment between two points on a given curve | a combination of usually three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously

The Chord: My Interviews w/ Creatives

If you think about it, almost every “major” artist began their career as an indie artist with huge visions of how the world would receive their gift of music.  The irony is that the most successful Artists remain “Indie”, or return to being Indie, by owning their entire creative process.  Oprah. Martha Stewart. Jim Rohn.  Beyonce. Diane von Furstenberg.  Famous Independent Artists.

The Chord is a place where you will read and watch various independent artists at various stages of their career share their stories of their unique paths taken to make their vision of success come to fruition.  My hope is that each Creative strikes a chord with you, just as much as they inspired me.



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Black History Month Special Feature: Dinner with Deniro Farrar

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