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Your brand | entity deserves the best resource(s). As a hired resource, my intention is to execute your vision for your project(s) as a dedicated time-conscious program manager with a proven track record of executing world-class results. In summary, my experience is as follows:

  • Managed and developed over 60 direct employees in over 10 banking centers for one of the top three financial institutions. Over time this has helped to develop my sense for identifying great talent and cultivating motivated employees to exceed in their roles
  • Successfully completed over 250 projects in the digital banking sector that delivered online financial solutions to millions of online banking users throughout the United States
  • Selected to authored various training guides and processes as a Small Business Solutions Project Manager due to proven ability to deliver project objectives with less than 3% errors while meeting or exceeding timeline expectations of clients and leadership teams
  • Participant in strategy sessions with senior leadership to streamline IT Solutions with potential to provide world-class customer solutions that resulted in net profits of 150% over the previous year
  • Brand Strategist for seven personal brands and start-up firms delivering culture, art and/or fashion with proven growth in social media presence, client growth by over 250% within two years, and social media viral activity every year since 2014

Since 2009, I began offering my diverse skill set within the personal branding and start-up workspace for new and established entities. With a Bachelor of Science from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington and over 15 years of proven work experience in Financial Services and IT Project Management, I offer a diverse skill set that encompasses management, strategic execution in a start-up culture along with a committed work ethic to the work culture and initiatives.

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I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.

The Journey.

My travel consulting journey led me to travel throughout parts of Africa, and doing business in Africa is happening.  The Continent of Africa holds unique business opportunity, with the potential to yield great return.  Our teams are in the field, on the grounds, learning first-hand about the business landscape of Africa.  It is important to travel if you can, but most important, to work with a team that you can trust to provide information and counsel that you can trust.

We are doing work in the following countries:

  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leone
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • United States of America

Our hub is connected in each country with an active partner consultant that is native to the country, and well versed in the business environment unique to the country.  Need complimentary information?  Check out I Am…Gayima. A Podcast..






We are ready to take you through the journey.




Host: Gayima Kanu, Founder of I Am…Gayima Consultant Hub

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PASSORT 2 ZURI: An African Exposé of Beauty & Culture

Two best friends leave New York City to embark on a journey of African wonder and discovery.  What they encounter goes far beyond their expectations, leaving them forever changed.  Traveling through seven African countries left the two friends with enough content and lessons learned to write a page-turning NY Times Bestseller.  Until the book drops, visit Passport 2 Zuri and follow their unique African Experience through imagery and commentary.

Passport 2 Zuri Founders    Photography by R.J. Eldridge
We are Passport 2 Zuri




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I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.




I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.

Host: Gayima Kanu, Founder of I Am…Gayima Consultant Hub

The Continent. Inspired by her travels and personal revelations,  Gayima decided to create a safe space to unpack the beauty and complexity of the Continent from the unique perspective of African Diasporans through dialogue, roundtables, intimate conversations and storytelling.  The topics include but are not limited to:

  • African Family Dynamics
  • Doing Business in Africa vs. The World
  • The Complex Culture & Traditions
  • Spirituality
  • Love & Sexuality
  • Current Events
  • Food & Entertainment

Expect I Am…Gayima. A Podcast. to provide insight, provoke perspectives, and motivate dialogue and connection between Africans on The Continent and the African Diaspora.  google-site-verification: google