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Your brand deserves the best team members. As your brand strategist, my intention is to help you dive into your vision, to research and understand the of the potential of your brand’s success. After assessing your response to our ‘Client In-Take Questionnaire’, I identify high-level strategies of success for your brand.

Program Management:  The Project Management resources will work diligently with you to organize a project plan based on the vision and objectives identified using collaborative tools and platforms for all team members engaged to execute successfully.

Web Team: The SongModel Web Division is comprised of seasoned web engineers with over 20 years of experience in coding and web platform management.

Media Team: The SongModel Media Team is comprised of three digital art teams with specialties in photography, illustration (classic + digital), and retouching.

As a dedicated, time-conscious program manager, I lead the SongModel Management team with a commitment to deliver success for your brand.

Strategy + Execution = Success-Bound Results


The Journey: A Place Called Africa

The Journey.

My travel consulting journey led me to travel throughout parts of Africa, and doing business in Africa is happening.  The Continent of Africa holds unique business opportunity, with the potential to yield great return.  Our teams are in the field, on the grounds, learning first-hand about the business landscape of Africa.  It is important to travel if you can, but most important, to work with a team that you can trust to provide information and counsel that you can trust.

We are doing work in the following countries:

  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leone
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • United States of America

Our hub is connected in each country with an active partner consultant that is native to the country, and well versed in the business environment unique to the country.  Need complimentary information?  Check out No Wahala… The Podcast.





We are ready to take you through the journey.



no wahala the podcast  For years I fanaticized about my return to Africa, eager to explore with only a hint about the realities of Africa. The Passport 2 Zuri tour took me to seven African Countries where my travel partner and bestie, Koku Gonza and I explored our familial histories, met amazing people along the journey, and survived less than ideal experiences. I think its necessary that dialogue exist that unpacks the beauty and complexities of The Continent from the perspective of an African Diasporan. Welcome to “No Wahala”, the voice of the African Diasporan in Africa.

Host: Gayima Kanu, Founder of I Am…Gayima Consultant Hub

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PASSORT 2 ZURI: An African Exposé of Beauty & Culture

Two best friends leave New York City to embark on a journey of African wonder and discovery.  What they encounter goes far beyond their expectations, leaving them forever changed.  Traveling through seven African countries left the two friends with enough content and lessons learned to write a page-turning NY Times Bestseller.  Until the book drops, visit Passport 2 Zuri and follow their unique African Experience through imagery and commentary.

Passport 2 Zuri Founders    Photography by R.J. Eldridge
We are Passport 2 Zuri




        @passport2zuri on social media platforms








Honestly, I tear up thinking about how I felt on this day when you arrived.  It was the first time in my life that I no longer felt alone.  Before you were born, I was always at Aunty Agnes’s house.  They had a grandma living there, so Mom and Dad used to drop me off …

R E | D E E M

T H | I N K It started with family.  The culture embedded in my DNA motivated me to create a brand with a purpose.  The purpose that would cultivate connections with people around the world and promote African culture in a manner that was bold, and unapologetic.  With a name as unusual as Amyang, …

I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.



I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.

Host: Gayima Kanu, Founder of I Am…Gayima Consultant Hub

After years away from The Continent of Africa, Entrepreneur and African Culture Advocate Gayima Kanu return with a bang.  Co-Founder of Lifestyle Brand, Amyang Fashun, Marketing Consultant Hub, I AM…GAYIMA, and travel brand Passport2Zuri, Gayima and her best friend, Koku Gonza, visited seven countries on The Continent. Inspired by her travels and personal revelations,  Gayima decided to create a safe space to unpack the beauty and complexity of the Continent from the unique perspective of African Diasporans through dialogue, roundtables, intimate conversations and storytelling.  The topics include but are not limited to:

  • African Family Dynamics
  • Doing Business in Africa vs. The World
  •  The Complex Culture & Traditions
  • Spirituality

Expect I Am…Gayima. A Podcast. to provide insight, provoke perspectives, and motivate dialogue and connection between Africans on The Continent and the African Diaspora.

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